The structure and engineering principles of life, creation, and evolution have long fascinated me. For years, I sought to identify a common element that unified the three: a building block in the structure of all creation. During several experiments in my art studio, I came to realize that obstacles are the common element; obstacles are the benevolent impediments without which life would not exist. I call this commonality ''Obstacleism®''. Obstacleism refers to a cyclical phenomenon in which the opposing force between two entities, objects or ideas leads to the unity of both, and the creation of something new. This cycle of confrontation and creation is grounded on the challenge created between, and eventual transcendence of, obstacles; while engendering obstruction, they also introduce the condition for the possibility of reconciliation, and change. The intention of Obstacleism, both as an artistic vision and a philosophical principle, is to encourage the audience not only to dissociate from the pejorative nuances of the word as mere obstruction, but to achieve a distance from the obstacles in their own lives in order to create a clearing around, and thus a more profound understanding of, how obstacles have shaped our lives, and the universe around us.

Farr Ligvani