Visual thinking- Exhibit of the art of
FARR LIGVANI at Soka University.
By Lydia Ringwald

Farr Ligvani invites viewers into subtle of visual thinking processes thought a series of abstract paintings currently installed at the Soka University Art Gallery.

A Mobile geometry of circles and dots with parallel and intersecting lines, illuminated with color opposites and transitional merging tones, from a secret code , a visual subtext that alludes to mystery of opposition, balance and evolution that are fundamentals of the creative process.

For Ligvani, all development, reality itself, is founded on the principal of thesis, antithesis. In Ligvani's paintings an original gesture, interchanges with a counter-gesture, motivating the development of an evolved visual construct on a higher plane;

The visual rich an subtle series of paintings explore multiple constructs surrounding the theme of opposition, exploring the transition of color opposition within rhythmical context of opposing and merging line and curve; obstacle and release.

In each artwork Ligvani confirms his visual belief in 'Obstacleism', a term he invented to describe the generative power of overcoming obstacles. Obstacles do not destroy or defeat, but rather act as the challenges that are fundamental all growth and development.

The paintings visually engage our innate power and ability to meet obstacles with creative solutions. Rather than being destroyed by opposition, human consciousness has the creative power to grow and develop new forms from obstacles.

Ligurian'as subtle images appear as glyphs or secret codes, to the shifting geometric patterns that are at the foundation of constantly transitioning reality.

The exquisitely illuminated gallery installation at Soka University offers viewers the opportunity to contemplate multiple paintings together, a meditative experience that includes a moment of revelation and enlightenment for those who may absorb the subtle secret and innate poetry inherent in Ligvani's art.